Under Armour

A dark horse in the running shoe market. Not many reviews, promotions, pro and celebrity runners. Nothing. And, after trying their shoes, I might - that's just too bad.

It's hard to describe their shoes. They look modern, sometimes even edgy (just look at the HOVR Phantom). But they feel so... classic. A lot of rubber, beefy upper, thick laces (actually great), aggressive outsole pattern. Weighs a lot as well - 300+ grams today is a lot for a 'fast' running shoe. But... They are great. Geometry, weight distribution, outsole patterns, and foams are so great, it's mind-boggling. What is the purpose?

For daily trainers, they are too expensive.

Some of their shoes are smart. They can track your stride, angle, distance, and cadence precisely. I found out my regular GPS was lying, making me 10% to 20% slower. And you can record everything without your phone - the shoe itself has enough storage to track and save your runs independently. Personal training in free yearly MVP with MapMyRun (owned by UA) is helpful, but not personalized at the moment. So it is hit or miss.


Shoes to consider

The Good

The Bad


Very good shoes for a lot of money. Try finding them on clearance to check out and decide if they are good for you.