What if you would take Adidas engineers and let them do whatever they want to? And also make shoes cheaper?

You would get simple, but nice shoes for everyday use. Propulsion plates? Don't need 'em. Branded tire-level outsoles? You are not a car, why bother. While we're at it, forget all the fancy upper materials. We only got one and will never put it in our running shoes anyway. Also, less diversified and smaller shoe range. 8-10mm drop everywhere. The only flat worth $250 and will make you cry because of its durability. But a lot of value on consumer models.

Only Reebok can sell you Pebax midsole for as low as $50 on clearance. And they will go even lower with their TPU models. That's 2-8 times lower than the competitors.


Shoes to consider

The Good

The Bad


Good for both everyday running if you do not need anything fancy and fine with replacing your shoe after the 500th km.