I do not enjoy Nike as a consumer. The problem is not in any specific shoe, no. Not even in shoes in general. They are all at least fine, easy to slip in and run on a good day or in a gym for a few miles. You can often get bleeding-edge tech with expected comfort and quality before any other manufacturer. They look good and easily can be worn as style shoes.

But, as a high-mileage all-terrain and all-weather runner, I just can't find a reason to use them. First of all - there is no versatile shoe for a person in cold regions. You just can't use most of their shoes with heavy snow - you will slip and fall more, than run. Their road shoes are not suitable for even light trail. The upper is thin and easily breakable. Do you know the average mileage of $250 vaporflys? If not - don't ask.

For an average consumer, all of that really should not matter though. That is why I would recommend it for any light running or gym use. Or on the other extreme - if you are an athlete and want a shoe to compete in. Their spikes, light speed, and top-end marathon shoes are great.

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A go-to running shoe company for an average Joe with money to spare or a professional athlete.