Good traditional and light training shoes. You know them. They have all of them: road, trail and spikes. What else do a runner need?

That being said, there is a lot of hit or miss shoes on their shelf. But if with some brands you’d can determine bad and good ones based on tech, stats and basic appearance, this is not the case with Adidas. Most of their shoes are complex combinations of different technology unique to the shoe. If you’ve never tried one - you can’t be sure.

But the tech itself is good. One of the best, to be honest. Propulsion plates? They have it. Expanded TPU? They basically invented it. Composite midsoles? Like every single shoe. Tire-level rubber on the outsoles? Continental has your back. The only downside is every single piece adding to the price tag. Not as much as Nikes, but never the less.

Frequent clearances provide pretty good price/quality ratio for the most shoes. Just try them on before buying and avoid blind online purchases.


Shoes to consider

The Good

The Bad


Good running shoes if you know what you are going to get, but a pricey gamble otherwise.