Running, Shoes and the Tech

There are a lot of running shoes in the market. Information about them? Not so much. You can find a few reviews on different Internet resources, but for how many? My guess would be 40%. At best. And not even half on them about the consumer oriented shoes. Then how one should chose, which pair to buy?

Imagine breaking up a shoe into its parts. You would get an upper, a midsole and an outsole consisting from different elements depending on the model. If one would know everything about each part, would they be able to determine if the shoe is good. That's why I'm creating a library of every tech component in running shoes I own or tested.

Brand it

Every company is trying to find its niche and constantly evolving to make us pay for a new pair of shoes. The results differ a lot even when some brand tries to copy the other one. So much there is little point comparing them.

That's why I decided to write about every single one separately:

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