Labunsky Artem - Education: Information Security Specialist (diploma after 5.5 years, ISCED level 7), Saratov State University, Russia - Fields of research - steganography methods and applications (and very unusual ones) - covert channels - extensive data protection techniques - decentralized networks and protocols - Programming-related skills - right away will code in C, C++, Java, JavaScript, Python (knew more but ain't sure in skill due to an infrequent usage) - have a good understanding of the most language-specific tech so can learn new ones in a short time - able to use existing and create custom effective algorithms and data structures - knowledge of computer architecture base principles and mechanisms - can use statistical methods in a research - I worked with - frameworks like libwebsockets - Node.js, Ducktape and PhantomJS (incomparable things, but all JS-related) - JNI and N-API - Boehm and other GCs - different sql (microsoft, mysql) and nosql (whitedb, redis) databases - multi-threading in different models and concurrency in general - crypto-currencies (smart contracts in particular) - UI stuff like html and css, Java Swing and Android layouts - many other things I just did not remember at the time - not really a programming skill, but I used to create trading strategies - Finance skills - Trading commodities derivatives - Hedging strategies (from cryptocurrency mining and smart contracts revenue) - Arbitrage - Mid- and short-term trading strategies - Other qualities - stress resistant - honest and straightforward - prefer a good life over the money - enjoy solving and optimizing interesting problems, even simple ones - have a pretty good understanding of modern markets and economy in general - in good physical shape (really love athletics)