This is more an informal about page. If you are looking for something more structured and CV-like, you need to look there. No, really, I will be glad to be hired.

My name is Labunsky Artem. I am a young man living in a Russian province so, before anyone asks, I do enjoy reading Marx and dreaming about the world revolution. Do not smoke and do not care about others smoking. But do occasionally drink a little alcohol myself.

Graduated from Saratov State University after five and a half years of education as an ISCED level 7 Information Security Specialist. My fields of research are mostly somewhere around steganography and applications, excessive data protection techniques, decentralized protocols, and effective programming.

I can read, speak and code freely in C, C++ Java, JavaScript (both client and server sides) and Python. Capable of understanding and using some other languages, like Assembly, Go, Bash and more high-level languages with reference and a bit of practice. Do believe in my knowledge on complex algorithms and data structures (can remove an element from a B-tree after waking up in the middle of a night). Other programming-related skills include but not limited to: working with crypto-currencies, with databases using little or no-SQL, writing effective multi-threaded applications and a passion to optimize code no one cared about.

Made incredible percentages on crypto-currencies (liked them before the hype) and lost most of the profit trading stocks (you don't want to buy KHC at $80+ now, do you?), futures and options. Pros: now I can resist pretty much any levels of stress and know how the financial world works with all that fancy economics.

Enjoy roller skating, running and other physical activities as much as solving hard problems. Do not really care about money, status, fashion and other social leveling stuff.